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9x ga noi

This bird was owned by Mr. Thành in Viet Nam.

- First fight: Private duel. Won in 3rd round. The owner of opponent bird surrendered to save his bird.
- Second fight: Private duel. Won in round 5.
- Third fight: Won at Van Giáp pit, round 5.
- Fourth fight: Won at Thạch Bích pit, 6th round.
- Fifth fight: Won at Mai Lĩnh pit. 4th round.

Second feather: The bird is blind in one eye at this time. Its weight were 3.5kg.
- Sixth fight: Won at Triều Khúc pit. 7th round.

After the sixth fight, ownership was transfered to Mr. Huy.

- Seventh fight: Won at Nghĩa Đô Festival, 5th round. Many cockers in ganoi.com witnessed this fight.
- Eight fight: Won at Dong Ky Festival, 9th round.
- Nine fight: Won at Dong Ky pit, 11th round.
After the nineth fight, it was retired to spend time with hens making babies.

Additional closed up photo and Scales

Handsome Champ

This ga noi looks handsome but it's not for show. The owner did not revealed its record but it is a second feathered cock bought at high price by a serious player in Saigon. Your safe bet is that it is a multiple champ.

Eastern Europe 5x

This 5x warrior was uploaded by frizervald. Perhaps frizervald would tell us more about this cock but from the photo, the color of beak matches the color of the feet which is very important for many people.

Gà của một sư kê người Serbia. Con này đã ăn 5 độ. Màu mỏ và chân hợp cách. Mặt mũi sáng sủa, thân mình trụi lủi có lẽ vì họ muốn bắt chước lối hớt lông của gà nòi.

12x blind warrior

This cock was uploaded in the Vietnamese forum by odenchanvang. According to the member, this cock won 8 times then lost an eye. It continue to win 2 more but lost another eye on the 10. After it lost both eyes, it went on to win 2 more small matches for a total of 12 win. The wins after losing both eyes had been verified by other members. Stories of blind cock that still win at the pit is not unusual in Viet Nam.

Đây là con gà mù ăn 12 kỳ trong Phủ Khai Vương. ganoi.com xin giưới thiệu đến các bằng hữu khắp năm châu.

My recent trip to Tuy Hòa

I will post some photos of my recent trip to the city of Tuy Hòa, central Viet Nam in the forum. Please look for it in the Naked Ring.

The photo on the left was taken at the pit in Tuy Hòa.

Trong tháng này thì tôi sẽ đăng một vài tấm hình trong chuyến viếng thăm Tuy Hòa. Mời các bạn đón xem trong Lầu Nhật Nguyệt.

Forum Note
The ranking title under member's name measure their posting activity at ganoi.com
1. Chick.= Ấu Kê. Minimum battles = 1
2. Battle fowl = Chiến Kê. Minimum battles = 1000
3. Crazy fowl = Cuồng Kê. Minimum battles = 2000
4. Vicious fowl = Hung Kê. Minimum battles = 3000
5. Evil fowl = Tà Kê. Minimum battles = 4000
6. Lethal fowl = Độc Kê. Minimum battles =5000
7. Divine fowl = Thần Kê. Minimum battles = 6000


All material relating to ga noi on this website is applicable to ga noi only. It may or may not hold true for other type of fowl.

Scale reading is the study of the legs of gà nòi as recorded in Kê Kinh.
The word "nòi" means bloodline so their bloodline must be fully known.
The examination of fowl include: Head, body, tail, and legs. Scale reading is only part of the art and therefore must be examined in consideration of other factors. This include the conditioning of the cocks, their diet, age...etc. It is unwise to rely on special scale to pit cock in bad condition expecting to win. A rule of thumb is: Given everything being equal, a cock with special scale indicate special talent.
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