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Sundanese Game

This breed has been created by Prof.Gerard Kooy from Randwijk (Holland) in the early 1970's using breeding material from Indonesia (Bandung region). His idea was to create an elegant lightweight fighting bird showing a combination of Shamo and Sumatra breed features. Most typical feature of the breed is the well developed tail. Only a few birds excist in Holland, Germany and Belgium. Weight : 3 Kg (6.6 Lbs) Birds : Prof.Gerard Kooy (Holland)

Indian Game (Cornish Game)

A gamefowl breed created in England in the 19th century using Old English Game, Asil and Malay. Since then the breeds appearance has changed dramatically. From an Asil-like bird to a very broad (cube-like) and extreme low stationed bird. Due to this evolution breeding is not an easy task. Mating becomes very difficult (low fertility and hatching rates). Dispite these problems the breed continues to attract a fair number of breeders. Remark: the socalled "Cornish Game" in the US did not expirience this extreme evolution. Cornish Game combine a bully-looking appearance with a sufficient height in station. Their heads are still Asil-like. Birds : Mr.Jurgen Kessler (Germany)

Hint Horoz (Turkish Asil)

Hint Horoz means "" gamecock from Hindustan" in Turkish. Hindustan is the Turkish name for India. Most likely Hint Horoz were introduced in Turkey somewhere around 1500-1600 AC by the Ottoman rulers. Weight 3.5 Kg (7.7 Lbs). These birds are only fought in natural spurs. A large population of Hint Horoz does excist in Europe. The breed is also popular for crossing with Bankiva-type gamefowl to perform in steel spur fighting (Northern France). Birds : Mr.Nazif Fay (Antalya / Turkey)

Dakan (Russian Asil)

The Dakan is a large Asil from the Caucasus region (Southern Russia, Daghestan, Ossetia, Cherkessia, Chechnya, Ingushia). Weight : 4 to 5 Kg (8.8 to 11 Lbs). They are medium-stationed, pea-combed. These birds are fought in natural spurs only. Photo : Mr.Konstantin Dibighev & Ura Grishakov (Russia)

Kulanga (Russian Malay)

The Kulanga is a Malay-like breed from Central Asia (Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Kazachstan, Uzbekistan) . Weight : 4 to 5 Kg (8.8 to 11 Lbs). They are high-stationed, have walnut or peacomb. These birds are fought in natural spurs only. The Kulanga is present in most parts of Central & South Russia. Photo left : Mr.Konstantin Dibighev (Russia) Photo right : Mr.Ura Grishakov (Russia)

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