Buôn Ma Thuột 6X

This cock is in Buôn Ma Thuột. The owners said he is a 6 time winners and
none of his battle lasted more than 3 rounds. He killed most of his opponents with mysterious blows.

He has Độc Biên, the wicked scales.

His "Độ" or pit scales are the most beautiful.
No other fowl on this site has more beautiful Độ than him.
Độ is the row of scales located on top of the spur. When chicken have
multiple spurs, it would be on the row of Độ.
His brace toe's scales are also beautiful. They marched all the way to the spurs.
Such formation is called "Thới Hoa Đăng".

His left leg has Xiên Đao and Nguyệt Tà.
Xiên Đao = Tilted Dagger, Nguyệt Tà = Falling Moon.
Xiên Đao can be just one small, slanted scale pointed to the spur as in #1, or it can
be a slanted ring pointed to the spur as in # 2. If the slanted ring is located below the spur, it is called Nguyệt Tà.

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